Contributing to Trosnoth

Source Code

The Trosnoth source code repository can be accessed on Heptapod. You can clone the repository by clicking the Clone button at the top right of that page.

Many thanks to Octobus and Clever Cloud for supporting this project by providing hosting for the repository and bug tracker.

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Development Environment

If you don't yet have a favourite Python editor, we recommend using PyCharm community edition. PyCharm gives you easy code navigation and static checking. We've even added some PyCharm project settings to the Trosnoth repo so you can easily spin up a Trosnoth server, play a Trosnoth solo game, or run the test suite.


  • Most communication about Trosnoth development takes place on the Trosnoth Slack. However, you'll need an invitation to join. To request to join the Slack, send an email to the Trosnoth developers Google group and introduce yourself (see below).
  • Before setting up Slack, we used to use the Trosnoth developers Google group to communicate. It doesn't see much traffic these days, but it's still a great way to introduce yourself to the community.
  • Bug reports should go on the issue tracker
  • Ideas, brainstorming and feature requests are on this page, and can also be sent to the Trosnoth developers group. If you're new to Trosnoth development, you probably don't have write access to the wiki, so just send your idea to the Google group.
  • Work in progress by regular Trosnoth devs can be seen on the Trosnoth Trello board.


Once you've got your IDE set up, and cloned the repository, you'll need to install the dependencies. Dependencies for the development version of Trosnoth are:

  • Python 3.6+
  • Twisted (16.0 or newer)
  • Pygame
  • If on Windows, pywin32

Getting started

To start to get an understanding of how Trosnoth works inside, read Getting Started. The following how-to guides explain the process of some Trosnoth coding you might find interesting: