Trosnoth is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. You may only make use of the downloads below in accordance with these terms.

The latest release of Trosnoth is v1.17.1.


To play Trosnoth, download the latest stable Windows installer here.

There is currently no easy way to run the latest Trosnoth server on Windows, due to compatibility issues with third-party libraries. To run your own Trosnoth 1.17.1 server, please use Linux.

Linux (x64)

Download and extract this bundle. The bundle contains three scripts: trosnothapp runs the game; trosnoth-server runs the server; manage-db can be used to manage the server database.

For more details on configuring and running a Trosnoth server, see this page.

Source Distribution

The Trosnoth source distribution is available on the Python package index. This means that you can install Trosnoth (or update to the latest version) using:

pip3 install --upgrade trosnoth

Once installed, simply type trosnoth to run.

Alternatively, you can install into a virtualenv like so:

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install trosnoth

To start Trosnoth, run venv/bin/trosnoth after activating the virtualenv.

Code Repository

Before running Trosnoth from the source code repository, you will need to install the dependencies.

Clone the repository from Heptapod You can then use the script to run Trosnoth or the script to run the Trosnoth server.

Old Downloads

See Trosnoth on PyPI for old source distributions.

See this index for old Windows installers and Linux bundles.