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How to play Trosnoth

A Trosnoth game has two teams
Illustration of two teams
The aim of the game is to conquer all enemy territory
You can only capture a zone that’s next to yours
To capture a zone, your team must have more players in that zone
Illustration of numerical advantage
To capture a zone, touch the spinning orb
If your territory is cut in two, you will lose the smaller section
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Controlling the player

To move, press WASD
(This can be remapped in the settings)
Aim and shoot with the mouse
Use the right mouse button for grappling hook
Earn coins by killing enemies and capturing zones
Use coins to buy upgrades in the shop menu
(By default, tab opens the shop menu)
When you die, move your ghost to a friendly zone and click to respawn
And that’s about it!

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Download Trosnoth

Trosnoth is open source software, and is available under the GNU GPLv2 license.

The latest release of Trosnoth is v1.19.0.

Download for Windows
Download for Linux (x86-64)

The Linux bundle contains three scripts:

For more details on configuring and running a Trosnoth server, see this page.

See this page for details on running Trosnoth from the source code.

Previous Trosnoth releases can be found here or on PyPI.

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Contribute to Trosnoth

Trosnoth is developed by volunteers who love playing Trosnoth. You can help out! Right now we’d love to hear from:

If you’re keen to get involved, create a ticket on the issue tracker, and select ‘Offer to contribute’, then introduce yourself.

If you’d like to contribute financially to the development of Trosnoth, you can do so here.